Century Council Cancels City Manager Review and Chooses to Expand Process: NorthEscambia.com


Century’s city council this week declined to conduct a performance review as scheduled for its interim city manager, instead preferring to postpone it to a later date after a workshop and one-on-one meetings.

The council was due to review the performance of interim city manager Vernon Prather, but withdrew from the agenda item. Council members were required to submit written assessment forms to the city clerk, but not all five did.

“I don’t think it’s fair for him or for the board tonight,” said board chairman Luis Gomez, adding that he thought the generic assessment form was inappropriate for a city manager position.

“If we take the plunge and start having discussions tonight, it wouldn’t be fair to Mr. Prather, as there are issues in the contract that need to be discussed further. There are still terms in the contract that should have been changed in December of last year, ”Gomez said. He said the language of the contract was not a “big deal”, but offered no clarification.

Instead, Gomez offered a council workshop to discuss “the city manager’s future efforts,” but said he didn’t want Prather at the meeting.

“Then every board member, that night, if they have any complaints or praise, write it down or put it in writing or any expectations about the CEO position, but their file will be on the table.” , continued Gomez. He said council members could meet individually with Prather and that these written criticisms would be presented to the mayor and Prather before another council meeting for public consideration.

The board did not set a date for a workshop meeting to begin the process.

Prather was hired in December 2019 and his contract was extended for one year in December 2020. He is paid $ 1,200 per week ($ 40 per hour) to work 30 hours on a schedule of his choice. He also receives a vehicle allowance of $ 600 per month, but does not receive any other benefits.

His contract specifies that the mayor and the city council will meet with him “at least every three months in order to define goals and performance objectives”.

Pictured: Century Town Acting Manager Vernon Prather. Photo NorthEscambia.com, click to enlarge.